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The Devi Ahilya Bai Residential Blind School is located in Farrukhabad, India. Rampratap Singh and his caring family currently run the school where they educate and provide the resources to house 25-30 kids.


The family (pictured on the left) takes care of the kids as their own. All costs incurred are covered by various donors and the Rampratap’s family. Rampratap and his sister manage the day to day tasks related to the school. His mother cooks warm meals for each of the kids on a daily basis and the father sleeps at the school to ensure the safety of the kids.


For the safety and quality of the life for the students, BLH is helping improve the school in three phases to improve the Safety, Lodging, and Education of the children. 


Phase 1: A brick wall will be built along the perimeter of the school. The school is in an area where wildlife animals roam nearby.This wall will provide protection from dangerous animals while the children are outside along with additional privacy. 


Phase 2: Renovate and update the living space for the children. This renovation will provide separate living areas for both boys and girls to allow for additional privacy for the children.


Phase 3: Provide additional insulation to the flooring of the classrooms. This will allow the children to sit comfortably on the floor while studying. This is especially important during the winter months when the floor gets very cold.

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